Big Mind Theory, Part 1 Of 3

The National Geographic channel offers a great lineup of knowledgeable and entertaining nature shows. This list features the best for all different ages.

The Dog Whisperer with Cesar Milan is a pretty cool show! Cesar goes into people’s homes and helps them establish a good Alpha role within the life of their dog. He is truly amazing with his training techniques, and can help you, the viewer, gain similar effects with a rowdy pet. The Dog Whisperer airs Friday night at 8 pm.

This strikes me as a picture of our lives as well. We’ve read the first seven letters. We know where we’ve been. But we don’t know yet what will be in letter number eight. So we worry about it. These things are in the future. That’s the tomorrow, and some of the days ahead look very challenging, I think, for us.

I had just about recovered from the surprise and awe surrounding that first message from Michael. Then messages about my pioneering work with Mayan Cosmology news started to come thick and fast through Debra. It became clear that I had an important role to play in bringing a new, refreshing interpretation of the Mayan Calendar to the world. I had already felt this, and the new confirmation was inspiring and empowering. Yet I had no idea what form this was going to take.

Again, for the dog lover, Dog Town is a documentary series that is filmed within Dog Town, a huge no-kill dog shelter in Utah. The show is about the animals they’ve rescued, and how they go about helping them and rehabilitating them, as well as finding loving homes for these pets. The show has really created a lot of awareness about how many pets don’t have homes, and often the stories are very touching. You can see for yourself Friday at 10 pm.

RZW: Janet, that is one of the main goals of the work that I am doing now: to incorporate and bring together all these disciplines within my work. After being in theater for 25 years and working with world-class jazz musicians, I find that each genre its own special gifts to offer.

As a result of these malpractices, many are sceptical of these practises. Let me tell you this, planting a “Lucky Bamboo” will not help you enhance the Qi. In fact it can be very bad to the ecosystem.

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