How To Motivate Yourself With Funny Motivational Posters

The same is true this offseason as the team heads into the 2009 season with high expectations, skyscraper-high compared to the predictions most gave the team last offseason.

Let it be very clear to you that if you have no point of destination, it doesn’t matter how good or how capable you are, you’re still getting nowhere…you just may be getting there with more skill. Culturally we have become oblivious to this fact. As a Motivational Speaker UAE dubai and coach, I consistantly speak to students who have been going to school for a year or two and still have no clue what they’re going for. Why? Because in the middle class (mindset, not finances) society, we are taught that you go to school to to get a degree so that you can prove your education, so that you can have a good job that grants security. Let’s look into that for a sec.

Through motivational speaker Dubai this experience I was able to let go that old extinct way of thinking that led me to believe that I was the supplier of all that was good in my life.

It’s easier to rise when your purpose is clear. Mama eagle has to provide for her newborns. She must hunt for food. There are no guarantees she’ll find any. But she must continue the hunt. Her resolve is clear.

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Allow yourself to play – do something that is un-work related and fun, at least once a week! This will totally boost your energy and allow your natural motivation to engage itself.

As we recycle the wrapping paper from another gift-giving season, let us stop and reflect on the gifts that really count, those of lasting value that we can give and receive, over and over again, throughout the year.